Monday, November 14, 2022

Victorian Brooches for the Holidays!


New from the Nature Realm Portal Etsy Shop!

Victorian Brooch Pins to decorate your hat, coat, cape or holiday outfit.

Made in Salem MA

Semiprecious stones, crystals, rhinestones and glass beads. All charged with Reiki. 
Free Shipping. Holiday gift bag included.

Monday, October 10, 2022

Acupressure to Boost the Immune System

This video is from our online class :

Traditional Chinese Medicine to Enhance Your Body’s Defenses  Learn how to BOOST your immune system with herbs, homeopathic remedies, holistic therapies and more

Taught by licensed acupuncturist, herbalist & author: Jeanie Mossa MS. LAc, an expert practitioner with more than 25 years experience treating humans and animals with TCM. Learn how Traditional Chinese Medicine can help boost the immune system, help the body to fight pathogens, colds, viruses and other illnesses.

Please visit the Four Paws Acupuncture website now nesting at:

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

October Online Class Sale for Dog Lovers!

Winter is Coming! Natural Solutions for Your Dog's Pain.

 Learn natural solutions to relieve your dog's pain, stress and common ailments.  

Online Classes for dog owners. Watch at your own pace. October Sale Link for Online Classes. Prices range from $12.99 - up. Expires 10/31/22

Online classes may be sent as gifts via email. Click on the class link for more information.

Herbs & Natural Remedies for Dogs Online Class $12.99

Basic K9 Acupressure for Dog Owners (works for cats too!)  $33.00

 The Holistic Dog: Treating K9 Pain, Stress & Common Ailments Naturally $12.99

If you do not wish to watch the classes, our book BARKOPAEDIA, contains everything covered in the classes and more! Available on Amazon

Four Paws Acupuncture is currently updating our services and website. More info at:

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Create a Spirit Art Doll - DIY Kits and Online Classes

Create your own Spirit Art Doll!

DIY Kits and Online Class for all ages

Our DIY Kits include almost everything you need to create your own doll. Ecofriendly hand-sculpted doll faces, fabric, beads, wire, cord, trim, charms and more! All kits include a coupon to take our online class at a reduced rate of $15. 

DIY Doll Kits are available on the Nature Realm Portal Etsy shop:

 Create Create a Healing Spirit Art Doll Online Class: Learn to create your own Healing Spirit Doll, paper clay jewelry, ornaments and art with eco-friendly recycled fabrics, objects and treasures from nature.

In this 1.75 hour class you will learn to make two different types of dolls. One created with sticks and branches. The other with wooden BBQ skewers. You will also be taught how to make your own paper clay doll faces, as well as how to use fabric, ribbons, beads and found objects to decorate and dress your doll. We will also cover how to add special details and how to hang or display your finished doll.

If you do not wish to purchase a DIY Doll kit the online class is available at:

You may preview the online class for free at this site. Udemy occasionally has flash sales with reduced rates for classes. 

Or you may check the Practical Magic Salem Facebook site for sales.

This Online Class and DIY Kits make unique gifts for creative souls, as well as fun group projects for Girls Night Out, Sleepovers and Clubs. 

More Art, Books & Online Classes at


Friday, September 9, 2022

Nature Realm Portal Debut!

Welcome to the Nature Realm Portal!

I am so happy and relieved that the Nature Realm Portal website and online shop are finally finished - right before Mercury Retrograde that starts today! Thank you Norm Kraft for your tech wizardry! 

This concept for this site was born around the Yule holiday of 2022. After contracting Covid early in February 2020, my life was altered forever! Between the long haul symptoms and the shut down, i was forced to close my veterinary acupuncture practice Four Paws Acupuncture. I was no longer able to physically work on dogs - get on or off the floor without help or drive. I spent my time writing books and creating online classes for people and their pets. 

It is no secret that i am wooie wooie! Some things you just can't hide as you get older. I wanted to bring more magic and whimsy into my life and work. My latest online class Faeries, Nature Spirits and the Elemental Realm helped inspire the name and look for this new site. It took over a year to create, research and produce. This class gave me an appreciation for the magic of nature and the unseen realm that we take for granted. 

Practical Magic Salem, my online art & jewelry shop site developed problems working. It was in perpetual Mercury Retrograde! And it needed an upgrade. 

So the idea to combine both businesses into one site was hatched. Four Paws Acupuncture is now part of the Nature Realm Portal. Although i am still not physically able to treat dogs for now, Starting in October, i am once again offering Barking Zoom TCM herbal, nutritional & acupressure consultations. 

Along with the Barking Zoom Consultations, i will also be offering Flora Fauna & Fae Oracle readings, using the animal Medicine Cards along with a few fairy and flower oracle cards. I have been using the Medicine Cards for over 30 years every day for inspiration. 

The Practical Magic Salem online shop has a new name and look! To make life easy, it is now hosted on Etsy. The one thing that has become very clear to me over the past year is to keep it simple. Life is too short to do battle with websites, especially for those of us who are not tech savvy or developers! 

A proper launch of the Nature Realm Portal will be celebrated after Mercury goes direct in October. At this time, i am battling what may be another round of Covid or some related cootie that has knocked me off my ...... and  forced me to once again ponder, reflect and meditate on what really matters in life. 

It has been quite the year for all of us on this planet! Wishing all a peaceful and magical Harvest Full Moon!

Sending love and sparkles, 

jeanie marie 

Friday, August 12, 2022

Become an Ambassador to the Faerie Realm!


Anyone can become and Ambassador to the Faerie Realm!

Learn more about this magical certification with FAQ about your duties 

Online Class Fairies & Nature Spirits & The Elemental Realm 

Taught by Certified Fairyologist: jeanie mossa

Debut Sale link: $33  expires 9/17/22

Six magical hours filled with information all about various types of Fairies (Faeries), Gnomes, Elves, Nature Spirits, Devas, Undines, Mermaids, Unicorns, Dragons and those of the Elemental Realms of Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

Watch at your own pace.

After completing this class you will become a certified Ambassador to the Faerie Realm and will receive a certificate that you may print out. A special video is dedicated to this topic and is available to preview for free on the class.

To view the class:

Watch the Youtube Promo for more info!

Victorian Brooches for the Holidays!

    New from the Nature Realm Portal Etsy Shop! Victorian Brooch Pins to decorate your hat, coat, cape or holiday outfit. Made in Salem MA h...